General Commands
/rules - Shows you the Friendly server Rules
/spawn - Teleports you to the main Spawn Area.
/trapped - Teleports you out of someone's Claim.
/sethome - Sets your current location as your home location.
/home - Teleports you to your home Location.
/back - Teleports you to your last position.===

TPA Commands
/tpa [name] - Sends a request to a player for Teleport to them.
/tpahere [name] - Sends a request for a player to Teleport to you.
/tpaccept - Accept any Teleport request you are sent.

Money Commands
/bal - Shows you the amount of money you have.
/pay [name] [amount] - Sends a specified player money.
/bal top - Shows you the top 10 richest players on server.

Vax shop Commands
/vs - Shows a list of commands for Vax shop.
/vs buy [item ID] [amount] - Buys the item you specify and the amount.
/vs sell [itemID] [amount] [price] - Sells the specified Item and amout for the price you set.
/vs price [item] - Shows you how much a specific item will cost and how much of that item is being sold.
/vs list - Lists Items within shop with seller name.

Claim Commands

To learn how to claim go to /pwarp claimhelp
/abandonclaim - Removes the claim your are currently standing in.
/abandonallclaims - Removes all of your claims.
/trust [name] - Gives a player full permissions in your claim. (short form /t [name])
/Untrust [name] - Untrusts a player for you claim. (short form /ut [name])
/untrustall - Untrusts Everyone on server.
/accesstrust [name] - Gives a player access to only leavers, buttons and doors etc. (short form /at [name])
/containertrust [name] - Gives player access to all of the above, animals and crops etc. (short form /ct [name])
/permissiontrust [name] - Gives a player permission to share their trust level with other people in your claim. Use this command after giving them a trust level as described above. (short form /pt [name])

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Warp Commands
/psetwarp [name] - Creates a warp with the specified name.
/pwarp [name] - Teleports you to the specified warp.
/pdelwarp [name] - Deletes a specific warp. (You must have permissions for the warp you want to delete.)
/pwarp - Shows you a list of warps on the server.                                                                                    

/psetwarp [name] [password] - Sets a warp with a password. This warp can only be used by a player who knows the password. Passwords are case sensitve.

VaxKeno Commands
/vk - Shows basic informaion on the keno.
/vk [amount] any 6 numbers from 1 - 80
/vk 10 11 22 33 44 55 66 - an example of bidding 10 vaxbucks on the numbers 11 22 33 44 55 66

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